Feb 24 2015

How to get free domain org.ua

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First, let us ask ourselves the question – why? After all, like domain donated almost any hoster, enough to buy him any tariff plan. Or you can pay a nominal fee for the benefit of discussion forums enough advertisements like “filing a org.ua or net.ua for two bucks.” However, not everything is so simple – for example, Web hosting can “free” to register the domain in their own name and you will run into problems when migrating the site. To pay or not to pay the Registrar – your own right, this manual is intended for those who do not want to pay for free services provided even one cent. We assume that you have decided on a domain name, ie came up with the name and saw through whois, it is not occupied.

To begin with, we need e-mail. It should be borne in mind that the mailbox for the free service (like gmail.com, bigmir.net mail.ru, yandex.ru, rambler.ru, pochta.ru, pisem.net) will not work. Look, why:

Roughly speaking, if in 00 hours 00 minutes 3 applications sent from the server mail.ru (вася@mail.ru, саша@mail.ru, маша@mail.ru) all subsequent requests from that domain will be ignored. The probability that an application sent from addresses ваш_логин@mail.ru be ignored, almost 100%, which is why I recommend to get a very rare location, or commercial (as an option – ask a friend that has a commercial address, send a request with your e-mail-and ).

Nic-handle. If the mailing address defined, then you can proceed to the next step, you have to register yourself as a registrar. Kalamburchik turned out 🙂 In fact, nothing complicated – go to uanic.com.ua and click “Register records about individuals.” Fill in the required fields and click “Send”. If done correctly, you get a letter in the body which will be specified your nic-handle, and it was he who we need. As a rule, it looks like VASH_ID-UANIC

Select hosting. It is a natural desire to use free domain free hosting. Choice even today, in a crisis, just huge. I can only recommend that ayola.net the best tech support I’ve seen all of the free hosting. However, parking external domain they have paid, if you want to save, you can use the offer of topua.net But whom do not recommend because it ho.ua – they simply close your site, citing the crisis. We need ip-address of your future website. To get it, you need to “ping” your new site. Register on free hosting, we have the name of the host (eg vash_nik.hmarka.net). Then press Win + R key and type “ping vash_nik.hmarka.net -t” (of course, without the quotes). See a number of messages in the form of nuzhnogo_nam_ip Answer: bytes = 32 time = 130ms TTL = 53. Memorize or record your ip, we’ll need in the future.

Select the server DNS. DNS server equals the specified ip-address to your URL “vash_sayt.com.” All hosting companies have their own server, DNS, but if we do not want to depend on the host, you should use a third-party server. Free DNS server can be found in Ukraine (eg primaryns.kiev.ua) and abroad (www.xname.org). Nothing complicated – first passes the registration procedure. Then click “Create zone” and fill out the form. In the “Zone” is entered our future domain, (zone type should specify the primary), and in the field “server” write the ip-address of our host. If done correctly, you will be Reported “zone vash_domen.org.ua has been successfully registered on XName site DNS server. You can now use the modification interface to verify its content”.

Then click “modification interface” section and look for the “A-records”. Specify the ip-address of host to www and @ and expect a letter confirming the changes. Once a letter with the heading “Reloading your zone (s) on ns0.xname.org”, you can move on to the final stage.

The size of the letters should not exceed 4 KB, and the letter itself must not contain html-format, attachments, and be in the mode of plain text. Looking forward to three letters. As soon as the latter comes (that has a header ADD vash_domen.org.ua processing approval request), respond to him stitching approve.

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